Process Servor Bonds 10K and 100K New york

What is a Process Server?

Simply put, a process server is an individual who personally delivers a legal notice (or process) or other court documents to a party in a lawsuit (i.e. defendant). The process server is not a party to the suit.

What is a Process Server Bond?

A process server bond is normally a prerequisite to obtaining a process server license, and as such this is a type of license bond. The bond guarantees that the process server will carry out their duties in compliance with the rules and regulations governing process servers in their city, county or state. It also guarantees that the server will deliver the process (court documents) to the individual (defendant, etc.) they’ve been assigned to serve papers to in a timely fashion.

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Process Server Organizations and Individuals

Process Server Bond requirements exist for both individuals as well as agencies. For example, New York City has a new $100,000 Process Serving Agency Bond requirement, and a $10,000 Process Server Individual amount. Check with your respective government entity to determine your specific process server bond amount.

Process Server Bond Application 10k    Process Server Bond Application 100K

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