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Are you starting a business or do you own an established business that requires a license from your local Department of Consumer Affairs or State Government? Does that license require you to get a Surety Bond?

We get lots of first time clients that are unaware of what surety bonds are, and how to properly obtain one, and many established businesses that come to us unhappy with their current bond providers. We love educating our customers and giving them the right tools to create or maintain a successful business when it comes to Surety Bonding.

Surety Bonds are sometimes required by a municipality or other public body as a condition to granting a license or permit to engage in a specified activity, this bond guarantees that the party seeking the license or permit (the obligor) will comply with applicable laws or regulations. These bonds can also be structured to provide indemnity guarantees to third parties who sustain injury or damage as a result of the obligor’s activities as described in the license or permit when such a guarantee is required. For example, businesses that hang signs over public sidewalks may be required to provide indemnity guarantees for injuries to pedestrians.

We at / Bernard Fleischer & Sons Inc. take pride in our stellar customer service. (Don’t take our word for it, check our ratings on Google HERE) We will walk you through the process step by step and get you bonded fast, with great rates. If the bond you require needs to be renewed, our renewal process is effortless when the time comes.

The NYC Department of Consumer Affairs  recommends / Bernard Fleischer & Sons Inc. (Formerly Advanced Insurance Services) as a Surety Bonding agency for your consideration, but we also provide surety bonds nationwide! Join our client family and see what the great reviews are all about.

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New Jersey Motor Vehicle Dealer bonds EZ Application.

Don’t get caught with a bond expiration! Buy your bond now with our new quick, safe and efficient online application.  New Jersey Motor Vehicle Dealer bonds are coming up for renewal on 4/1/2017, Bernard Fleischer and Sons Inc./ is a trusted provider of these bonds with very competitive rates and underwriting! Contact us today to apply or renew your bond with us. Want to learn more about Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds? visit our blog for an informative F.A.Q. here, visit our website at, call us at 800.921.1008 or fill out our EZ application.

Public and Independent Adjuster Bonds

Successful business leader with touchpad looking at camera
Successful business leader with touchpad looking at camera

New York adjuster bonds are required by law for insurance claim adjusters that operate as either public adjusters or independent adjusters. Due to the nature of the two positions, independent and public adjusters are often placed in adversarial positions at the negotiating table.  A “public adjuster” acts on behalf of the person insured, in settling claims that take place under insurance contracts issued by the insurer. An “independent adjuster” acts on behalf of an insurer in adjusting claims that take place under insurance contracts issued by the insurer.

Bernard Fleischer & Sons/BF Bond, issues adjuster bonds for applicants with no credit check required and we bond in every state where bonding is required for independent adjusters and public adjusters.  New York adjuster bonds are in the amount of $1,000 for either insurance adjuster classification (public or independent), the bond form is also the same for both and they must also become licensed (if not already licensed and only renewing the bond) through the New York Department of Financial Services (DFS) which is extremely picky about notating the specific license type on the bond form. If the license type isn’t clearly noted, the surety bond may be rejected!

In the required States, any individual or business entity who aids in negotiating the settlement of claims for loss or damage under an insurance policy or who advertises and/or solicits business as an insurance adjuster is required to be licensed as such and obtain a surety bond to be in compliance with the state statutes. The New York adjuster bond guarantees that the adjuster and all sub-licensees named in the adjuster’s license shall, during said term, faithfully perform their duties under the license.

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Employment Agency Bond


What is an Employment Agency Bond?

Any person or business that charges a fee to find a job is required to provide an Employment Agency Bond by statute. Employment agencies must post surety bonds to legally conduct business. The surety bond guarantees that the agency will meet state licensing, compliance and financial requirements. The surety bond is a form of insurance that the agency purchases to guarantee to their clients their financial stability and legal compliance

States that require Employment Agency Bonds

  • Arizona Employment Agency Bond
  • Arkansas Employment Agency Surety Bond
  • California Employment Agency Surety Bond – $3,000
  • California Employment Counseling Service Bond – $10,000
  • California Prepaid Computer Employment Agency and Job Listing Services Bond
  • Connecticut Employment Agency Surety Bond – $7,500
  • Delaware Employment Agency Bond
  • Employment Agency Bond
  • Florida (City of Miami Beach) Employment Agency Bond
  • Hawaii Commercial Employment Agencies Bond
  • Hawaii Employment Agency Bond
  • Illinois Employment Agency Bond
  • Illinois Private Employment Agency Bond – $5,000
  • Indiana Employment Agency License Bond – $1,000 (2 years)
  • Iowa Employment Agency Bond
  • Kentucky Employment Agency Bond
  • Maryland Employment Agency Bond
  • Massachusetts Employment Agency Surety Bond – $3,000
  • Minnesota Employment Agencies Search Firm Bond
  • Nebraska Employment Agency Bond
  • Nevada Employment Agency Bond
  • New Jersey Employment Agency Surety Bond – $10,000
  • New York City Employment Agency Bond – $5,000
  • New York City Recruitment of Foreign or Domestic Household Employees Agency Bond – $10,000
  • New York City Theatrical Employment Agency Bond – $10,000
  • New York Employment Agency Surety Bond – $5,000
  • North Dakota Employment Agency Bond
  • Oklahoma (City of Oklahoma City) Employment Agencies Bond
  • Oklahoma Employment Agency Bond
  • Oklahoma Private Employment Agency Bond
  • Oregon Employment Agency Bond
  • Oregon Private Employment Agency Bond
  • Rhode Island Employment Agency Bond
  • South Carolina Employment Agency Bond – $3,000
  • Texas Employment Agency Bond
  • Texas Personnel Employment Service Bond – $5,000
  • Virginia Employment Agency Bond
  • Washington DC Employment Agency Bond
  • Washington Employment Agency Bond – $2,000
  • Wisconsin Employment Agent’s Bond
  • Wyoming Employment Agency Bond

These bonds are used to comply with the rules of the states, such as:

  • Control the use of any false or misleading advertising or business operational information
  • directing any candidate to an employer knowing they are breaking any labor laws
  • Forcing people into working on behalf of or for the agency
  • Suppling an employee to a company knowing there is a current strike in place
  • If an employment agency fails to comply with these terms or ones set forth in their state, the surety bonding company will pay parties for damages and losses up to the penal sum of the bond. If this occurs, “The agency”, must Indemnify (reimburse) the surety for all damages paid out including legal fees


 An Employment Agency Frequently Asked Question

 Does an employment agency have to be licensed?

Yes.  Any person or business who operates as an employment agency. The law requires all employment agencies to be licensed by the State Commissioner of Labor. Contact us for more information about Employment Agency bonds and other Surety Bonds.

Jose Ward | Bond Underwriter T: 212 566-1881 ext.110
Jose Ward | Bond Underwriter
T: 800-921-1008 ext.110

Adjuster Bond Public and Independent

Adjuster Bond

Adjuster bonds is required by law if you operate as either a public adjuster or independent adjuster. The adjuster Bond penalty vary based on the required state.

List of States requiring a Public Adjuster Bond or Independent Adjuster Bond

California Insurance Adjuster Bond – $2,000

California Public Adjuster Bond – $20,000

Colorado Public Adjuster Bond – $20,000

Delaware Public Adjuster Surety Bond – $20,000

Florida Public Adjuster Bond – $50,000

Georgia Public Adjuster Bond – $5,000

Hawaii Public Adjusters Bond – $10,000

Idaho Public Adjuster Bond – $20,000

Illinois Public Adjuster Surety Bond – $20,000 (2 Years)

Indiana Nonresident Public Adjuster Bond – $10,000

Indiana Public Adjuster Bond – $10,000

Iowa Insurance Adjuster Bond – $20,000

Iowa Public Adjuster Bond – $20,000

Kentucky Independent Insurance Adjuster Bond – $1,000 (2 years)

Kentucky Insurance Public Adjuster Bond – $20,000

Kentucky Public Adjuster Bond – $20,000

Louisiana Public Adjuster Bond – $50,000

Minnesota Public Adjuster Surety Bond – $10,000

Mississippi Public Adjuster Bond – $50,000

Missouri Public Adjuster Bond – $10,000

Missouri Public Adjuster Solicitor Bond – $1,000

Montana Public Adjuster Bond – $5,000

Nevada Debt Adjuster Bond – $10,000

New Hampshire Public Adjuster Bond – $20,000

New Jersey Public Adjuster License Bond – $10,000

New Mexico Insurance Adjuster Bond – $10,000

  New York Independent Adjuster Surety Bond – $1,000

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  New York Public Adjuster Surety Bond – $1,000 for 2 years   

North Carolina Public Adjuster Surety Bond – $20,000

Ohio Public Adjuster Surety Bond – $1,000

Ohio Public Adjuster Surety Bond – $1,000

Ohio Public Adjuster Surety Bond – $1,000

Oklahoma Public Adjuster Bond – $25,000

Pennsylvania Public Adjuster Bond – $20,000 (1 year)

Pennsylvania Public Adjuster Bond – $20,000 (2 years)

Pennsylvania Public Adjuster Solicitor Bond

Public Adjuster Bond

Tennessee Public Adjuster Bond – $50,000

Tennessee Public Adjuster Bond (2 years) – $50,000

Texas Public Adjuster Surety Bond – $10,000

Virginia Public Adjuster Bond – $50,000

Washington DC Insurance Adjuster Bond – $20,000

Washington DC Public Adjuster Bond – $20,000

Washington Public Adjuster Bond – $5,000 only $100California Adjuster bond requires either $2,000 or $20,000


Public adjuster bond

The Public Adjuster Bond guarantees that you will comply with State laws and statutes and conduct business in accordance with all rules and regulations.

The Public Adjuster Bond is a license and permit surety bond that protects the policyholder for whom the adjuster rendered services from fraud, dishonesty, misstatement, misrepresentation, deceit and or any unlawful acts as they investigate the claim and issue their settlement recommendations.


You are required to obtain a surety bond to protect your clients. If you do not follow state regulations, a claim can be filed on your bond.


Why do you need a Public Adjuster Bond?

In the required States, any individual or business entity who aids an insured in negotiating the settlement of claims for loss or damage under an insurance policy or who advertises or solicits business as a public insurance adjuster is required to be licensed as a public insurance adjuster and obtain a surety bond to be in compliance with the state Statutes.


How long does the Public Adjuster Surety Bond last?

Each state has different year terms, 1 or 2 years, which means the bond will remain in effect until expiration date.


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