New York City Process Server Bond – License – Permit Bond

Bernard Fleischer & Sons, Inc. is issuing the mandated New York City Process Server License Bonds required by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA).

The Process Server Bonds are Available in both required $10,000 for individuals and $100,000 for Process Server Companies. Click here to go to DCA Individual Process server info page. Or here for DCA Agency Process server info page.

Why the Bond?

The deliberate failure by some process servers to deliver the notification of a court filing followed by a false affidavit of successful delivery has been described “as a rising problem” in New York City and was outlined in our article “Fraudulent Service of Process Continues to Plague New York” published in October 2009. In response, the New York City Council has passed legislation with new, stringent regulations for service of process in their effort to directly protect consumers from improper delivery of court filing notifications, known as’ ‘Sewer Service’.

The newly passed bill requires all process servers serving process in New York City adhere to the following:

  • Obtain a license from the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA)  and pass an examination on the New York Rules of Civil Procedure
  • Log all service attempts when serving papers with an electronic system (such as a GPS system)
  • maintain records and electronic service logs for a period of seven years;
    Independent process servers must obtain a $10,000 surety bond
  • Process serving companies must obtain a $100,000 surety bond with the city to guarantee compliance with the regulations
  • Provide a statement of employee rights and employer responsibilities to every process server under their employ
  • Maintain signed documents that employees understand these rights and responsibilities.


How long does the Process Server Bond Application Process take?

The process server bond quote and bond application process usually takes less than a day. In fact for most of the NYC Department Of Consumer Affairs Compliance Bonds, our office can issue them immediately, signed, sealed and stamped all you need to do is walk across to 42 Broadway to drop the bond off,  countersigned by yourself and signed by our in house  notary. Its a quick and simple process to and acceptable by the NYC DCA.

Additionally, we are also listed on the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs Compliance Bond Provider List.

If you need a NYC Process Server Bond Immediately for process server surety bond Click here 10K Bond or here for the 100k bond, or  Contact Us directly at 212-566-1881 or walk across the street to 29 Broadway, suite 1511, New York, NY