New Online Surety Bonds Application Process Cuts Wait Time Dramatically

BF Bond has streamlined the surety bonds application process and is now offering this remarkable service online to clients in all 50 states

New York, NY (IPRWIRE) Tue, Jan. 30th, 2007 — Bernard Fleischer and Sons / Advanced Insurance Services ( is pleased to announce their new streamlined surety bonds application, which is now available online.

By developing and refining the surety bonds application process, they have been able to remove the usual complications and added work that most applications require, therefore making it much easier and faster to secure the needed instruments, often at a lower cost to the customer.

William G. Fleischer, president of the company, recently stated: “The bonding industry did not take a personal approach to its customers, often overlooking the problems that these people were experiencing in obtaining surety bonds. We have had meetings with Consumer Affairs, courts, attorneys, and underwriters from several top bonding companies to break this miscommunication and lack of understanding between the company and the customer, which has resulted in our ability to provide personal attention to both parties. Because of our streamlined process, we can often complete the process in one day.”

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