Bernard Fleischer & Sons, Inc. announces massive changes in the Surety bond application process to simplify the procedure for clients

Bernard Fleischer & Sons, Inc. stays on top of the latest updates for bond underwriting by working closely with bonding carrier specialists. They ensure that the simple application process provides their clients with the Surety bond they require.

New York, New York (IPRWIRE) Mon, November 5th, 2007 — Bernard Fleischer & Sons, Inc. ( has the latest updates in the bond market and uses a simple application for a smooth transaction. They are able to write up to $50,000 street obstruction Surety bond without the involvement of additional paperwork or other financial aspects.

Bernard Fleischer & Sons has adopted a novel approach with Zurich to underwrite those companies who need a Surety bond within many US states. As mortgage brokers and fundraisers expand into different states they find that many surety companies are not willing to issue them multi-state Surety bonds. This prevents the expansion of these mortgage brokers and fundraisers into these states. Bernard Fleischer & Sons has streamlined the same approach that Zurich uses by taking a close look at the strength of each customer. By understanding just how Surety bonds work in conjunction with each of the different departments who require these bonds, Bernard Fleischer & Sons is able to set a high bonding limit so that their customers are able to expand into any US state where they want to do business.

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