Performance and Bid Bonds Short -Cuts

 Bond Short-Cuts
Do you trust your GPS system to tell you what the most viable short-cut might be to get you to your destination? The other day a friend told me a quicker way to avoid traffic in the neighborhood during rush hour and I was surprised that the GPS had never recommended that route. Sometimes the best short-cuts come from the advice of friends. It’s kind of that way with placing bonds, and in the past three months agents have written almost $125,000 in bonds through BFBOND.COM’s Short-Cut Bond Program is for companies with smaller contract bond needs.  

BFBOND.COM works with a variety of sureties under our Short-Cut Bond Program – and each of these sureties has their own unique underwriting requirements. So, even if one surety is unable or unwilling to entertain a particular risk, Goldleaf does have other options. Because BFBOND.Com has access to several surety markets with similar programs, we may be able to assist your insured even if they have already been denied due to the owners’ personal credit scores or the type of work being performed.

And, if necessary, BFBOND.Com has access to over two dozen surety markets – ranging from “standard” surety markets, to those with departments having strong “commercial” expertise, to “specialty” surety markets – giving Goldleaf the ability to redirect and find a different way help your insured obtain the bonding support they need.

Finally, BFBOND.Com’s staff will do a good job of helping you or your clients migrate out of these programs to get expanded surety lines of credit – rather than allowing contractors to get “trapped” in these small programs where they do not receive any surety counsel that is needed to help them grow.

For more information on BFBOND.COM’s Short-Cut Bond Program – or about helping you or your clients with their bond needs – log in to  or email us at  and an underwriter will contact you.