Union Wage Bond

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About Wage Bonds


Unions require this type of bond when negotiating collective bargaining agreements with companies. If a union member company fails to uphold its obligations under the bond’s terms, the bond amount can be used to pay claims for salary, wages, fringe benefits and/or compensation for services rendered by employees represented by the union. Each wage and welfare bond is unique depending on the union that requires it.

These bonds are known by many different names:


  • Union Bond
  • Wage and Fringe Benefits Bond
  • Wage Fund Bond
  • Welfare Fund Bond
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How to Get a Wage Bond FAST!


Applying for a wage bond is rather simple. Just apply through our easy online form and submit your bond application. We will contact you soon after with a quote on your bond. You may be asked to submit additional documentation which may be required for your specific situation.


Call our Bonds department at (800) 921-1008, if you have any questions about the application process. We’re always willing to help.


Finally, if you would like to chat with a live customer service representative to walk you through the process of applying and getting approved for a talent agency bond today, click the live chat button below or email our Bonds Manager at Bonds@BFBond.com


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