Bernard Fleischer & Sons Inc.


Founded in 1949 to service the local community for business and personal insurance. Working to continue the traditions of the last 68 years, to continue to grow beyond the local community. We have grown into an international agency, but we still service our family of clients with the same professional standards as set by our founder Bernard Fleischer.

Business Philosophy


Bernard Fleischer & Sons, Inc. sells and designs a broad range of insurance services and products. Our company has a large distribution network within the insurance industry, providing life, health, personal and commercial insurance both domestically and global.


To complement and expand our product base, Bernard Fleischer & Sons, Inc. through its "Customer-Focused" skilled human resources, has established a research and development committee, to oversee the implementation of new insurance products suggested by both our clients and by the brokerage community.


Based on our large distribution network and vast product capabilities, Bernard Fleischer & Sons, Inc. has established itself as a leader in today's insurance industry.

What people are saying

Located in the classic art-deco building at 29 Broadway in New York City.

Vision of the Future


While meeting the challenges of the changing times, it is important that we continue to follow our fundamental values of selling and servicing. By pursuing these values, Bernard Fleischer & Sons, Inc. has and will become much stronger, better balanced and more competitive.


However we are aware that there is much more to do and research is underway to ensure our continued progress.


As a leading insurance services agency, we respond aggressively to our customers' needs and continue to be recognized by our clients for our excellent quality. We are committed to growth with profitability. We are proud of what we do.


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