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Notwithstanding any language to the contrary, nothing contained herein constitutes nor is  intended  to  constitute  an  offer,  inducement,  promise,  or  contract  of  any  kind.  The data contained herein is for informational purposes only and is not represented to be error free. Any links to non-Bernard Fleischer & Sons Inc. are provided as a courtesy. They  are  not  intended   to   nor   do   they   constitute   an   endorsement   by   Bernard Fleischer  &  Sons  Inc.  of  the  linked materials.


Solicitation of Insurance:

Despite   the   efforts   of   Bernard   Fleischer   &   Sons   Inc.   to   provide   accurate information,  it  is  not  possible  to  completely  ensure  that  all  information  is  constantly correct.  The  material  presented  on  this  server  could  include  technical  inaccuracies or  typographical  errors.  As such, Bernard Fleischer & Sons Inc. does not accept any responsibility  or  liability  for  any  actions  taken  as  a  result  of  using  this  information. Further,   Bernard   Fleischer   &   Sons   Inc.   assumes   no   responsibility  for  errors  or omissions in the materials on this web site.


The  information  and  descriptions  contained  in  this  site  are  intended  as  general information and are not necessarily complete descriptions of all terms, exclusions and conditions  applicable  to  the  products  and  services  offered  by  Bernard  Fleischer  & Sons  Inc.  or  any  insurance  company  represented  by  the  agency.    The  information contained throughout this web page is not an insurance policy or contract of insurance. Coverage  and  issues  discussed  are  for  the  United  States  area  and  may  not  be applicable  in  other  areas.  The  insurance  coverage  afforded  by  Bernard  Fleischer  & Sons  Inc.  is  subject to the terms and conditions of the policies issued.


Bernard Fleischer & Sons Inc. is licensed in the United States only and does not solicit business for persons or property outside of United States.


The information contained in this Web site is not the policy itself and is designed only to briefly  describe  its  contents.  Each  insurance  company's  coverages  may  be  different. For complete details and important exclusions, please read the policy.    It is also not to be deemed the rendering of legal or insurance advice. If legal advice is sought, contact an  attorney.  Please  contact  Bernard  Fleischer  &  Sons  Inc.  for  insurance  advice.  No changes can be made  or  coverage  bound  via  this  Web  site,  by  e-mail,  voice  mail,  or answering   service.   To   make   any   changes   to   your   current   policy   or   to   bind coverage,  please  call  us  at  800.921.1008


This site is provided for general information about all of the different types of insurance that   Bernard   Fleischer   &   Sons   Inc.   can   offer   through   the   companies   that   we represent.   Coverage  can  NOT  be  bound  for  ANY  type  of  insurance  by  electronic means  through  use of this site  unless  otherwise  note.   Please contact us by e-mail if you have any questions about the terms under  which  this  site  is  operated,  or  call  us  at  800.921.1008  with  any questions.


Warning about E-Mail:

Information  that  is  transmitted  by  e-mail  over  the  Internet  is  not  secure  and  can  be intercepted   and   read   by   other   Internet   users.   DO   NOT   use   e-mail   to   send Bernard  Fleischer  &  Sons  Inc.  private  or  confidential  data  about  yourself  or  others. Additionally, Bernard  Fleischer  &  Sons  Inc.  will  not  use  e-mail  to  transmit  responses that  contain  private  or  confidential  data on an individual.


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Bernard   Fleischer   &   Sons   Inc.   does   not   warrant   the   accuracy,   adequacy   or completeness  of  the  information  and  materials  contained  in  this  site  and  expressly disclaims  liability  for  any  errors  or  omissions  in  the  information  and  materials.  No warranty  of  any  kind,  implied,  express  or  statutory,  including  but  not  limited  to  the warranties  of  non-infringement  of  third party rights, title, merchantability,  fitness  for  a particular purpose and freedom from computer  virus,  is  given  in  conjunction  with  the information and materials contained in this site.


Limited Liability:

In  no  event  will  Bernard  Fleischer  &  Sons  Inc.,  its  agents  or  employees,  be  liable  for any   damages,   losses   or   other   expenses   arising   in   connection   with   this   site   or use  thereof   or   inability   to   use    by    any    party,    or    in    connection    with    any failure   of  performance,   error,   omission,   interruption,  defect,  delay  in  operation  or transmission,  computer  virus  or  line  or  system  failure,  even  if  Bernard  Fleischer  & Sons  Inc.,  or  its representatives,   are   advised   of   the   possibility   of   such  damages, losses  or  other expenses."






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