Court Bonds

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About Court Bonds


Court bonds are bonds written in connection with a legal proceeding. There are court bonds for both plaintiffs and defendants. A plaintiff or defendant may need to provide a surety bond to protect the other party for loss due to a judge's decision made prior to final judgment.


These bonds renew yearly until the litigation officially ends. The most common are two types of court bonds; Fiduciary and Judicial Bonds.

Fiduciary Bonds


Fiduciary Bonds ensure a person appointed by the court to handle the financial affairs of another will carry out his/her duties and comply with court orders:


Administrator Bond

Conservator Bond or Guardian Bond

Executor Bond

Trustee Bond

Receivership Bond

Judicial Bonds


Judicial Bonds may be required for either defendants and/or plaintiffs to provide guarantees concerning litigation:



Replevin Bond

Indemnity of Sheriff Bond

Injunction Bond

Mechanics Lien Bond

Restraining Order Bond

Supersedeas Bond

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How to Get a Court Bond FAST!


Applying for a court bond is rather simple. Just apply through our easy online forms and submit your bond application. We will contact you soon after with a quote on your bond. You may be asked to submit additional documentation which may be required for your specific situation.


Call our Bonds department at (800) 921-1008, if you have any questions about the application process. We’re always willing to help.


Finally, if you would like to chat with a live customer service representative to walk you through the process of applying and getting approved for a court bond today, click the live chat button below or email our Bonds Manager at


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