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Why Appeal Bonds Matter.


For many people, qualifying for appeal bonds can be both costly and difficult, easily ranging between 100% to 110% of the original bond amount upfront, plus, any premiums due to the bond agency in the process.


However, there are businesses available like Bernard Fleischer & Sons, Inc. / William Fleischer, CIC and our website that are legally licensed, and, can provide appeal bonds in any state as long as you meet the requirements and can make the necessary payments.


An appeal bond is designed to secure payment for judgments, should an appeal or “stay” of judgment request be denied later on. The court system requires appeal bonds to assure the secure payment to the courts.

If a person is most likely to lose a case, or, appear to be ‘dragging his feet’ in the system, an appeal bond can help avoid the total penalty associated with a case.


This type of bond helps prevent abuse of the “appeal” system within the courts. It ensures that an individual will be financially responsible for honoring any debts or fines in a court case.

How much should you pay for an Appeal Bond?


Depending on the case, as well as how many appeals have already been attempted or issued, applicants are typically expected to pay up to 100% or more of the bond amount as a form of collateral to secure both the payment to the court and the premium interest payments to the issuing bond agency.


Many people mistakenly assume that appeal bonds are based on your credit. Appeal Bonds are based on your ability to pay the ‘collateral’ worth of 100% or more upfront - so that both the court and bonding agency can ensure all debts and fines will be paid if an appeal is denied.

What is the process of acquiring an Appeal Bond?


If you have questions regarding your surety bond, also known as a “supersedeas bond”, then contact us via telephone at (800) 921-1008 or fill out our online form, and we’ll get back to you answering all inquiries.


Our professionals will gently lead you through all the tedious procedures and have your best interest in mind to find the best appeal bond possible and get you approved.


We will let you know what amount of money would be required, as well as the premium payment necessary to secure the surety bond for you and your case.


Upon payment and approval, we can ship out your original bond in the course of the next day, or, even overnight. Our professionals are here to help you and make the process easy to understand, walking you step by step through each necessary document or requirement.

What are the functions of an Appeal Bond?


A surety or “appeal bond” is supposed to protect the courts and the bond agencies from frivolous appeals. You should obtain a bond before appealing the judgment since it may be denied an appeal later on or incur other court costs.


Getting a bond ensures that if you were to lose your case that the individual(s) or business have brought against you, the case would be paid in the process. Even if a claimant were to declare bankruptcy or attempt to use other methods to avert judgment costs, the surety bond would be applied to protect all parties involved from the default of payment.


Not only the compensation to parties but, also the court costs are covered by a surety or appeal bond.

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What does Supersedeas Bond stand for?


A Supersedeas Bond is a special type of an appeal bond necessary to appeal a current adjudication to a higher court. It is used to protect the court and opposing party from any costs non-payment that the defendant might incur throughout the court process. If the judgment does not end in the applicant's favor, or, the appeal is unsuccessful, the funds paid will be used to secure all costs involved with the case as applicable.


Should you be approved at the end of the application process, Bernard Fleischer & Sons, Inc., William Fleischer, CIC will serve as your ‘fiduciary’ intermediary throughout the process.


Often, the required collateral for you as the applicant can easily exceed 100% or more. The court costs and the actual value of potential charges from the case might require a higher collateral to ensure payment is made pending the court's final decision.


In the past, plaintiffs have applied for appeal – often multiple times – throughout a case just to avoid the associated fees and costs by the claimant or courts system. Therefore, because 100%-110% is required as an upfront payment, most who have abused or intend to abuse the system today are deterred from issuing frivolous court appeals.


Ultimately, if you or a plaintiff you are filing an application on behalf of for the appeal bond, fail to show, win the case, or attempt to file bankruptcy to avert costs, all collateral originally collected will be used to cover the court costs and compensate the other parties respectively.

Supersedeas Bond Cost.


Depending on the type of case and current judgment, the actual cost of an appeal bond can vary. And, while a credit score is not taken into account, your ability to pay the full collateral for the bond amount beforehand is a decisive factor while approving an appeal bond.


Appeal bond recipients are also responsible for paying the premium or principal interest as a stipulation of the contract and issuance of an appeal bond. Currently, there is no specific market for appeal bonds, and, finding a service such as ours is a challenge. At Bernard Fleischer & Sons, Inc, we can help you get approved and will work with you on the appeal bond you require.


Bernard Fleischer & Sons / William Fleischer, CIC has many years of experience in the market. We are licensed to underwrite appeal bonds in every state, adding flexibility and convenience to you and your specific case.


In addition to paying 100% collateral, applicants also need to pay a premium on their appeal bond. The premium is calculated individually for every bond. Depending on the nature of the bond, this can be 110% or more in some cases.


If you want to learn more about the surety bond costs, approval and review process, and any other information,feel free to visit our page. And we will get you covered.

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How to Get an Appeal Bond FAST!


Applying for an Appeal Bond is not difficult, as we’ve simplified the process for you into easy to understand steps, which can be found on our court bond application page.


Finally, if you would like to speak to a live customer service representative to walk you through the process of applying and getting approved for an appeal bond today, we are here to answer all questions.


Our professionals are committed to easing the process for you because we know how taxing a court case can be. call us at (800) 921-1008, Live Chat with us Below, contact our Bond Manager at or APPLY NOW!


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