Surety Title Bonds for Georgia

Surety Title Bonds
Required Procedure per Athens Clark County

When the proper supporting documents required by law for the issuance of a certificate of title on a motor vehicle (that is required to be titled in this state) cannot be obtained, a certificate of title may be obtained on the basis of a surety bond. If it becomes necessary to title on the basis of a surety bond, the following procedures must be followed:

  • Title Application – The application (Form MV-1) must be completed in full and signed by the applicant(s), reflecting the same name shown as the principal on the Certificate of Title Bond (Form MV-46).
  • Certificate of Title Bond (Form MV-46) – This form must be executed by an insurance company licensed to do business in the State of Georgia. The bond should be issued in the amount determined by the Georgia Department of Revenue.  This amount may be obtained by contacting the Clarke County Tag Office.  Note: The MV-46 form must be signed by the principal and the agent for the insurance company. These signatures are required to be witnessed (attested).
  • Affidavit for Certificate of Title Bond (Form MV-46A) – Form needs to be completed in it’s entirety.  Form MV-46A must be in the same name(s) as reflected on Form MV-46. This form must be signed by the applicant(s) and signature(s) must be notarized.
  • Power of Attorney – This must be completed by the insurance or bonding company, authorizing the agent to issue the title bond for the insurance or bonding company.
  • Certification of Inspection (Form T-22B) – This form must be completed by a law enforcement officer after a visual inspection of the vehicle’s serial plate has been made. A valid Georgia title may be submitted in lieu of Form T-22B.
  • Ownership Support Documents – Original bill of sale must be submitted.
  • Fees – Applicable title transfer fees, including Title Ad Valorem Tax (TAVT) and any associated penalties are due an payable upon processing of the Surety Title Bond.

The Georgia title must be issued within six months of the date of the bond. The minimum bond amount acceptable is $100, regardless if the vehicle’s value is less than $100.

Surety Title Bond Exclusions

A certificate of title bond cannot be obtained to secure a Georgia Certificate of Title for an abandoned vehicle or a vehicle that is a 1985-year model or older. A certificate of title for an abandoned vehicle must be obtained pursuant to the abandoned motor vehicle procedures.  These procedures are available from the Georgia Department of Revenue. A surety bond cannot be obtained for vehicles not required to be titled in the State of Georgia (e.g., mopeds or boat trailers).