Georgia DMV Forms for Tags and Titles

Enjoy these links to the most popular Georgia Department of Motor Vehicle forms.

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Form MV-18J

Application. Original or Replacement Title. Purchase or Transfer of License Plate
Form MV-1

Bill of Sale
Form T-7

Bonded Title Affidavit. Must be submitted with bond
Form MV-46A

Correction Affidavit. To explain allowable corrections in an assignment on a title or statement of origin
Form T-11

Lien or Security interest described below has been satisfied
Form T-4

Missing Serial Plate Affidavit
Form T-128

Power-of-Attorney. Limited
Form T-8

Repossession Affidavit
Form T-16

Serial Plate Verification. Vehicle. To be completed by law enforcement officer
after a visual inspection of vehicle’s serial plate
Form T-22B

Subpoena OR Information Request New
Form MV-20A